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Agora (noun) - assembly of the people, from a root meaning “to gather.”

In ancient Greece, the agora was an open space serving as an assembly area and a place for commercial, civic, and social activities.

From communications and cultivation to processes and strategy, we advise on every aspect of fundraising to make your goals more readily achievable.

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With over 60 years of combined nonprofit experience, we’re part of your krewe for the human endeavor of fundraising.

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Founded in 2021 with a mission to bring a new level of ease and understanding to your projects and day-to-day operations.

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“Meli met us with an impressive level of preparedness, and was able to simultaneously help build the foundation for a development department while leading the search for a Chief Development Officer. She was crucial in guiding us through the case, materials, and processes necessary to lead the organization forward with efficiency. I have thoroughly enjoyed our work together.”
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Dr. Calvin Mackie
Founder & Executive Director, STEM NOLA
We all need teamwork to reach the depths of our capabilities. Let us be your dynamic development krewe.
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